Monday, July 25, 2005


Good evening! I have just returned from home having had a good visit with my family, some of whom I do not get to see very often. It was very satisfying to be able to catch up on what everyone is doing, and to see how much growing the young children have done. My Mom has informed them about my site, so hello all!
I believe, in my earlier list of all the items I make, that I neglected to mention masks. Here are two of my favourites, a tiger and a peacock. They were commissioned for a fashion show of young Canadian designers last winter. I did about 9 altogether, and hope to do more. I think my favourite part about making them was the obscene amount of glitter and gold paint I was able to use. In a perfect world I might only ever decorate with glitter and gold paint; hey, I might even only wear glitter and gold paint. And if you see me in the street dressed in that way, and pretend you don't see me, I won't take it personally. Glitter and gold paint is not always easy on the eyes.
Congratulations to my little sister on her engagement to a delightful man. I am very happy for the both of you. So happy, in fact, that I have written you a little poem. Enjoy...
Axel and Eddie JP
You met at a school, this is key
He comes from a farm
She's been to a farm
And together forever they'll be.

Ciaociao Kirkhampuppets

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Something Strange Appeared on the Page...

Curious! What a strange little fellow. A cat with a tassel, who ever heard of such a thing?!?. This is an idea I've been tossing around for a while now, and today in between clients out he came once again in my book. A bit of a cross dressing sort of tassel cat apparently, dressed as he is in a tutu, bow and paws made of bells. But who am I to question the keen fashion sense of tassel cats; they have always followed their own trends.
I think it is time to bring them into the world of 3D and see how they get along with the others. I like to introduce new creatures into the family once in a while, it gives the crazy button-eye dolls something to gossip about.
I'm off to cut stands now, out of some old weathered boards from my parents backyard fence. My Dad has built a lovely new fence, and I want to give some of the retired boards another go round. I think they'll look neat.

Ciaociao, Kirkhampuppets

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Meet the Bunny...

Ahhhh, finally a day without humidity. An absolutely lovely day, sunny and everything. Makes me want to mow the lawn...but not right this minute, as I would like you to MEET THE BUNNY...
Rabbits, whether puppets or stuffed, are a popular item here at Kirkham Puppets. This could be because they are my favourite animal to make, and I tend to make more rabbits than anything else. Luckily, people like rabbits, so everyone is happy.
I am particularly fond of his outfit, with its interesting pattern and lime green buttons. He is a rather gentle and unassuming fellow, and is biding his time at the Scarborough Arts Councils gallery, waiting for a home.
Time for more packing, so off I go,

Until next time... Ciaociao from Kirkhampuppets

Monday, July 18, 2005

Let me introduce to you...

Well Yay! Look who dropped by for a visit. Sherlock Holmes! He is one of the more detailed puppets. He is also human; this distinguishes him from many of the other puppets as they are predominately animals. He was a lot of fun to create; I love a challenge. His head and hands are made of papier mache and painted with acrylics then varnished. His outfit is sewn (out of oh-so-trendy tiny green check) and a tag is attached.
Sherlock here was made for a good friend of mine who's father is a big fan of Sherlock. He (S. Holmes, although I suppose "He" could also pertain to my friend's Dad just as easily) is now living a comfortable and dignified life amidst other Sherlockian paraphernalia.

Kirkham Puppets is soon moving to a new location. It will be a good time to go through all of my supplies and reorganize. Because, as you may know, puppet making is a decidedly messy and spread-out-all-over art. I would like to make part of a wall as a show area for my good puppet friends, not only for them to be able to talk to one another and look pensively out the window from time to time, but also for visiting customers to have a large selection of puppets to see and buy. Ah, so crafty, so wily!

Ciaociao for now, and happy puppeting... Kirkhampuppets

My first message to the masses...

Well, What to write. I have never been much of a journal writer, although I really like the idea of keeping a record of sorts to look back on when I am old. I do intend to be old, yes. Many people have an idea in their heads of how long they think they will live. Some for not very long. Me, I think I'll live until my nineties sometime. And if I get to 100, I'll do something fun and not at all good for me, like chainsmoke unfiltered cigarettes. My as yet unborn 60ish year old children will be properly horrified.
I think for this post I will simply introduce myself in relation to Kirkham Puppets and leave it at that for today. Kirkham Puppets is a small business I started up about 3 years ago. It involves me making puppets, as well as making various puppet friends that insist on teasing and irritating the aforementioned puppets. I try to make them get along, and end up saying things like..."Come on, you guys, you are all made from the same cloth, show a little respect for each other. Don't make me come back there with the seam ripper." But, as with children, the threats never seem to have the desired affect (complete respect and obedience). Such is life.
Anyhoo, as "puppets and puppet friends" is a little vague, allow me to elaborate...
  1. Hand puppets
  2. Finger puppets
  3. Moonie puppets
  4. Marionettes
  5. Lucky rabbits
  6. Beach Dolls
  7. Crazy Button Eye Dolls

The preceding list are created with papier mache, fabric, paint, trims, buttons, beads, sequins, etc.. The list is long and glittery. Some of the dolls and puppets get outfits. Some do not. Some have hard heads and hands, some have soft. Some have names, some do not. (It is too bad that I do not get around to naming them all, even the little ones. This would eliminate the problem of the puppets and dolls with names calling the nameless ones made up, unimaginative names of their own creation. Names like "Porfip" and "Gleepoom". They make no sense, and I think the nameless ones are more puzzled than offended.)

Well, enough for today. The airconditioner is on, and I am ready for bed. I hope to get some pictures up soon, so's you (a collective you) can put a face to the puppets.

Ciaociao, Kirkhampuppets