Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mr. Business Rabbit my accountant

Hello. Just a wee quick message before I head to the library. It is a rainy and cold day here in Toronto, so libraries and studio time are on the menu this Sunday. Also, lots of tea is on the menu. And maybe some english muffins. With honey. MMM. Menu...
Anyhoo, you will see to the right a couple of marionettes. The little bear in overalls is Toonces and the black cat in pink pants is Moonie. It is unfortunate that Moonie's shoes aren't more visible, as they are brilliant pink sparkle slippers. I wish to have a pair just like them. I currently have two more on the go, a frog(who intends to dress rather foppishly) and a rabbit. I think the rabbit will have a necktie. Mr. Business rabbit. Maybe he'll be my accountant.
Off to the library!

Ciaociao Kirkhampuppets

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Neigh neigh! I am a horse! Look at me! Snort! Gimme an apple! Get off my back!
If you had trouble figuring out what the mask to the left is supposed to be, even with such excellent hints as those above, I will tell you. It is a horse mask, one of the superglitterandgold series. I am especially pleased with the mouth and snout area. Do horses have snouts? Perhaps "snout" is a rather undignified term. Perhaps I should say "muzzle" or "schnozz"... horses can be so sensitive.
This mask was a bit of a trial due to the way the ears attached to the nose. I think an entire head mask would be better.
Will I be doing more masks in the near future, you ask? Well, no, not the near future, but in the middle future. Right now I am making more hand puppets, especially ones with feet, and marionettes. And, of course, finger puppets. Because who doesn't love a finger puppet? I sure can't think of anyone.
FYI... in case you are curious, this and other masks are made of heavy wire mesh, pizza boxes, masking tape and papier mache. I do not leave pizza in the pizza boxes. I eat it.

Yours in the chill of October, finally...... Kirkhampuppets

P.S. My fabulous and cantankerous model is Brynley. What a sport. KP